Wednesday, March 30, 2005


As it turns out, my computer is still busted. And I will have to pay $60 for someone to stick the restore disk in there, because when I do it, my computer decides to shut down. And I have no clue how to fix it beyond sticking the disk in. Very bumbed, because I could buy some cute yarn with $60.
Now that my house guest is gone, I will have time to knit too. I checked the blanket that I was making, seems like I don't have that much further to go. Only 12 rows. Too bad it takes my 30 min to do 1 row. And then I still need to put the patches together. Sigh, it seems like it will still take a long time.

PS Picked up my sweater and knit a few rows. I should not put down projects with patterns, at least not for a lengthy amount of time. I forgot to do a few purls one row and only noticed it the next. Like hell I'm frogging that. It is the backside, nobody will see... (I hope)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Official dork

Yes, I have officially reached dork status and I have the card to prove it. There is an APS convention (American Physical Society) in LA. Being a physics major and to make my advisor happy and because it is just plain interesting, I went. And because I get reimbursed, I became a member of the APS.

As for my knitting, a blanket that I started 2 years ago is my main focus this week. I'm making it for a friend, good thing he is very patient. But he's coming to town for a visit and I want to show that I have made some progress. You see, I got that 3/4-done problem: whenever something gets to about 3/4 of the way, I loose interest. I see fluffy yarn and I must buy it and knit something with it. And that is what happened to his blanket. But I fully intend to finish it one of these days.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The peeps are back in town

Easter is almost here, that means peeps are here again. And that makes me happy. I know people like to eat their peeps different ways. The two most popular ways are 1) eat them straight away while they are fresh, or 2) open the box and leave them a couple of days so they are a bit stale but ever so tasty.
I don't have a preference, I just like to eat them. Old, stale, fresh, new ... it is all tasty to me. And now I would like to share with you a new way of eating peeps. Leave them in your car on a warm sunny afternoon. Take them out of the car in the evening and leave them on the counter for 5min or for however long you can control yourself. Next open the pakkage and enjoy gooey yummy peeps.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

broken computer

I am so bumbed, my computer is broken. It does not want to start up anymore. And that is a pretty big problem.
To keep my mind of it, I have come up with new projects. Sometimes, you just have the pretty yarn, but you don't know what to do with it. Well, pillows, that is what you do with it. Even if you don't have enough for a whole pillow, you can always make one side and put fabric on the other side. At least, that is what I am doing now. I can show pictures if my computer ever works again.

And now, it is 9pm on a Sunday. And Desparate Housewives is a rerun. First they keep it from me for 2 weeks, and now they show reruns. What are they trying to do to me? When they finally get around to show new episodes, I will have forgotten what's going on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The scarf to match my shoes

A scarf I finished not too long ago. My friend wanted to pattern, so here it goes.
Cast on 48 stitches
Row 1 : knit
Row 2 : purl
Row 3 : K2tog, K2tog, * (YO, K1)4 times, (K2tog)4 times *, (YO, K1)4 times, K2tog, K2tog
Row 4 : purl
Row 5 : knit
Row 6 : purl
Row 7 : repeat row 3
Repeat what's between ** 3 times. You can change the width of the scarf by casting on 12 + any multiple of 12 stitches and then repeat ** by that same factor.
I made this scarf on size 15 needles, so it goes nice and fast. Hope you enjoy doing this one. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The prettiest colors

Well, I just got back from a tournement in San Diego. It was a lot of fun, too bad we lost in the semi-finals. I guess staying up 'til 2am in the karaoke bar, drinking and singing, not the best way to prepare for a game. But it sure was a fun one.
And I get to take home a little souvenir. It is a huge bruise on my behind and it has the prettiest colors. It looks a bit like the purple yarn I bought last Friday. Speaking of which, I still need to find a nice pattern for that yarn.
As for my other projects, haven't done much work on them. Haven't done much reading in my binder from hell either. I suppose that is what Mondays are for.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bad girl, good yarn

So instead of reading through my binder of hell, I went to the store and got these. I know, very bad of me, but the yarn is so soft. It's kid merino. Now I need to figure out what to make out of it, maybe a lacey scarf or so. Which would mean I start yet another project. But they say variety is spice of life, well many projects is just the spice of knitting. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

My current projects

My current projects: I'm working on a scarf (grey stripes), the multi-coloured patch will be the front of what I shall call "my bubbly pillow" and last, the infamous sweater (the one that caused the frog fever)
Ok, so they are not my only current projects. My attention span is too short for that. I start something and halfway through I just need to do something else. But these are the main things I am working on.
Plus, I couldn't help myself, I went to Suzoo's yarn shop. I love that place and it is right around the corner from me. I recommend checking them out. They are the nicest people. In case you can't pop by the store, here is the link by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hooray for pictures

Get that claw, kitty Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Frog fever

Ooh, yes, the title says it all. I had a good few inches on my sweater and I frogged it. The cables weren't looking the way they should, all though that did not bother me. Next, I noticed the sweater wasn't looking like it would be wide enough. I ignored that for a while but yesterday I took another sweater and compared sizes. And that is when frog fever hit me. It hurt at first, it still does a bit. But I guess I will get over it in time.

On a brighter note, I managed to put a link on this site to my fickle knitter friend's site. Her's is really cool. Definitely one to look at.

Ok, the cat is demanding attention right now. And what kitty wants, kitty gets.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

So jealous

Well, I have been slacking a bit on my posts. Right now I'm over at my friends house, she just finished a pair of slippers for her husband. I am sooo jealous, she is finishing stuff. Me, I started a sweater, I frogged it and started over again. If I can figure out how to post pictures to my blog, I would do so. (I like blogs with pictures.)

This Saturday, there is a yarn sale at the Yarn Lady in Laguna. Can't wait. I will go with my fiendish fickle knitter friend. I will have to leave my wallet in the car. Last time I was there, I bought so much more than I planned. But the yarn they have is so nice. And there are bags of it. Oooh yes. Happiness in a bag, soft plushy happiness...