Monday, January 29, 2007

I am so proud of myself. First of all, I had the courage to open up my UFO spreadsheet. Turns out, I only had 18 UFOs. Then I pinned my ears back (figuratively speaking) and finished knitting the green scarf. The one I was supposed to give her for Christmas. It's a good thing she's got a birthday coming up in March.

I made it with Peruvian Baby Silk on size 5. The lace comes from some random patterns out of a book.

But that is not all I did. I decided to be brave and I frogged 2, yes TWO projects I knew I wasn't going to finish.
The purple one is a corset, that I didn't take enough time / pay enough attention to the gauge. I learned my lesson. No way it was going to fit. And I wasn't too happy with the decreases. Althoughh, had it fit, I wouldn't have cared. But, it wasn't going to fit, so I used the bad decreases as another reason to frog. The light blue-ish one was going to be a diagonal baby blanket. But it went too slow.
Just not having fun working on it. So I got brave, frogged both in one sitting. I am very proud of myself. And now my UFO list is down to 15. Oh by the way, Ophie had NOTHING to do with the frogging. She didn't help at all, it was all me. (Ophie wanted to play fetch with her moussie, but was too lazy to bring it to me. She knows I'm a pushover and that I will get up an throw her moussie anyway.)

Now, I know myself. I will soon be casting on for rogue, bringing my UFO count up to 16, because I will not have finished something first. And though I think Shelly's advice was excellent : finish the small projects first like the scarf (done!) and the sock (yikes)... The sock is on size 3 needles... size THREE, that is tiny, I am a tight knitter... it will take forever and I have a short attention span. I can't wait that long to finish a sock without starting something new. But all that whining aside, I did work on it did weekend. I turned the heal and I am very proud of myself. But now I am working on the foot part, so I predict I will be putting it down again soon... and starting rogue... just being honest here. Although, I'll put on a few more rows tonight.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My resolutions

Oh boy, I may have mentioned before I started a spreadsheet with all my UFOs. I was afraid to open it, but I know there are about 20 items in there. Well, to get to a good start in 2007, I have picked these nine UFOs to work and seriously make an attempt to ... work on some more. (I would say finish, but who would I be kidding.)

Let's look at what I've got, the pick blurb is clopatis, below to it a multi-colored lap-ket. Next to that are a lace shawl(-ish) and a sock (second of the pair). In the little ziplock bag is a green skinny scarf (Was supposed to be a christmas present for my mom. Oops) and next to that is my fake fur wrap sans fur. The other off-white think is hopeful, a no seem sweater. The orangy thing will be my ribbi cardi. And finally, there is a ball of yarn with some needles. Soon I will cast on for rogue. Again, I won't kid myself nor anybody else, I will be casting on for rogue. Soon. I hope to maybe finish the skinny scarf, it's almost done. But I can't make any promises, I know I am weak.
However, like I said, these are the UFOs that I will be working in 2007. Maybe finish a few. But definitely make progress. And I hope I will have the strenght to rip a few of the other 11 projects in my spreadsheet. (Yes, some will need to be ripped, I know that, I am slowly making peace with that fact. Maybe next month I'll give it a try.)
Also, I am happy to report that so far, I have added 3 rows to the fur trimmed wrap. It might not sound like much, but when I tell you that each row contains a s**tload of stitches ( I can't even count, I don't even want to count/guess), 3 rows is a bit more impressive. (to me at least)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Evil meter and trip to Belgium

Well, I'm back from my Christmas trip to Belgium. I had a great time. Weather was actually pretty good. I had another low key New Year, at the belgian coast. The next day we went for a little walk. (When I say NY was low key, I mean we didn't go anywhere. I had plenty of champagne and vodka, yikes)

I haven't given my new year's resolutions a lot of thought. I suppose I'll just go with the usual, eat healthy, don't be too lazy. And a new one, make my pile of UFOs smaller, either by finishing or (eep) ripping. Yes, I don't like doing it, because in my delusional mind, I always believe that one day, I will finish a project. Eventhough my rational mind usually knows better, I ignore it. But maybe this year I will listen. I will work on a list and post it as soon as I figure it out.

And I'll leave you with this ...

How evil are you?

I suppose I can't comletely disagree. I guess knitting keeps me from following through on my plans of world domination (and finishing my thesis, sigh.)