Friday, April 21, 2006

Where I knit ...

team picture
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I know, I know, I've been away for a bit. I thought my thesis would write itself, turns out that is not the case. Darn. But then I found Kat's blog and she has a funny little contest. Top 5 weirdest places you have knit. So here's my list:
1) at Michelle's house (granted not really a weird place, but a lot of my knitting happens there)
2) in car, waiting for parking or so (not while driving, don't worry)
3) on campus, in between classes. (not a weird place, but i do get some looks sometimes)
4) airport/ plane (cause the movie is not always all that great)

Ok, so these spots are not all that out of the ordinary, but the last one ...

5) next to the rugby pitch in between my games, because really, knitting and rugby, such an obvious combo. And I'm not even gonna start to describe the looks and comments.
But speaking of rugby, our team has new jerseys.

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And here is a close up of the new jerseys. I love them. Mainly because our old ones where kinda ... not pretty.

Before I sign off, a little bit of knitting progress news. Oh yes, I haven't been blogging much, but I have done some knitting. For example, I finished one of the baby blankets (the round one) and I finished a sock (not the pair, just 1 sock). Also, I cast one for a lace shawl and I have adapted a new philosophy: so I'm not allowed to buy yarn until I make somewhat of a dent in my stash. What better way to do that then to finish project. And the more projects I finish, the more my stash goes down, the more yarn I can buy to replace it. So, in order to finsh more projects, I need to cast on for more projects.
Bottomline, I need to go on a casting on binge so I can go on a yarn buying binge.
(And somewhere there was something about finishing, but that is already getting fuzzy in my brain)