Friday, September 29, 2006

absent minded me.

Yeah, silly me. This morning Ophie was bugging me for food as usual. And my not being a morning person, I stumble to the pantry and grad her yello bag of catfood. Or did I. I'm sure you already know by now what I put in her bowl. I've seen her eat some of the little litter rocks before, so I know her pallet isn't very refined. But still, didn't actually want to see if she'd dig her nose in. Took the bowl away really quick and got the saddest little look which soon disappeared. Litterally disappeared into her bowl of actual catfood.

And I finished a project. I took a picture but it came out really light, so I'll retake it later and post it. Gotta watch the season premier of Dr Who. They got a new doctor. Fantastic.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tres peeved

I am almost done with the camo baby jacket from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits. Just an inch and a half of ribbing left to go. (Yuck, I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I hate ribbing.) And in the corner you see the beginning of a gauge swatch and the reason for me being tres peeved.
I want to make Rogue with Sept 7th yarn and I need to use size 9 needles to get the correct gauge for Rogue. However, size 8 is the largest needles that look good with Sept 7th (experience), otherwise it gets to holey. So while I contemplate my decision to knit one size larger on the smaller needles, I will cast on for a fur trimmed ballet wrap from Interweave Knits Fall 2005, sans fur trim though. (I don't know where the french is coming from.) Ironically, the ballet wrap also calls for size 9s and I will also be using Sept 7th, but I don't mind if the wrap gets a bit holey.

Did finish my snuggle a while back. Just haven't posted it yet. So now hopefully some kitty at the shelter will be a bit more comfy on a new snuggle blanky.

And this is from Michelle's garden. The plastic bags are a bit fogged up but it is delicious basil. Mmm. Well one bag is still delicious basil. The other is now delicious pesto. Mmm.

And a funny story to leave you with: I did some laundry yesterday, was chatting to another resident while loading the washer. Until I see ... a spider. It was just a daddy long legs, but I HATE spiders, they scare me, especially if they get that close. The women offered to get the spider for me, she asked me where it was. Of course, behind my blue undies. I debated trying to tell her they were clean, but the circumstances would let her see straight through that one. I was brave, grabbed the undies and spider walked off and the women got him. Laundry is clean yet again.