Monday, June 08, 2009

And now the booboos affect my knitting

I feel pretty stupid. A little background as to how my booboo came about.
A while back, I decided to write my lace patterns into a little notebook. I've gotten several from the internet, printing them out is a hassle and to then keep track of it is an even bigger hassle. So writing them in one central location seemed rather genius to me. So far, I only have 2 patterns in my book, which makes my booboo even sillier.
Here's the story: almost 3 years ago, I started a lace shawl. I liked the pattern, don't know the name anymore, but I had some soft yarn and I cast on. The project went very very slow, so I started referring to it as the "barbie shawl" and soon after I put it down. For the longest time the pattern was written down on a random scrap paper. Earlier this year, when I was going through one of my cleaning frenzies, as I so often do, I found my barbie shawl and decided to write the pattern into the notebook. Because so much time had passed, I forgot all about how slow it used knit and I kept it close. Putting on a row here and there. This weekend, feeling euphoric over finishing my camo socks and getting rid of all the NCIS's on the DVR, I picked up my barbie shawl again. I don't know the pattern by heart, but I did know there were a few regular knit rows in there. Looking at my row count, I was happy to be at one of those rows. Even more euphoria. Until it dawned on me, that the pattern in front of me didn't tell me to increase one. Nor did the next row, or any other row... Which is not right when knitting a triangle shawl.
My smart ass was knitting the wrong pattern! Ugh! Well there went my euphoria. Thought about ways to fix it, undoing a row didn't seem like any fun, just continuing with the pattern would require me to think 2 minutes (no fun either), so I went with my favorite solution: F*** it. Add on one more row of stockinette and make it a rectangular scarf with one pointy end. We'll see how it turns out.

In tomato news, can't deny the existence of this one :)

And I leave you with a picture of the mighty "thunder cat" Thor...


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