Friday, March 20, 2009

Day of revelations

Well, it took me only 10 days to finish sock #1. For me, that is a record time. Size 3 needles, it just goes to slow for me and my attention span. But because I put a little lace pattern in the sock, it helped to keep me ... interested. (I know, it sounds so bad, I have a such a short attention span, I got bored with thinking of a comparison)
But I'm pretty happy with sock 1. Now for sock 2. We'll see how long it takes.

On a different note, parking my car. I have a tiny little golf and I consider to be pretty good at parking. Just give me an inch on each side and I'll get my car in. However, I'm finding out, the bigger the spot, apparently the harder it is for me to park it. Very weird, if I got room for 1.5 times my car, I find myself backing up and forward and repeat like 5 times. Kind of embarrassing...

And my final revelation, I might actually go through the effort of making the 'Barefoot Contesa's ' sticky buns. They look soo yummy and I think I can spare 10 min to bake a made from scratch sugar overload.


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