Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taco bell and new yarn

Yes, that is exactly what my Monday called for. Driving home from work my car all of a sudden took a detour to Michael's. I don't how I ended up there. And then, when I walked out, I had 12 skeins of sugar and cream... Such a weird day. I guess all I needed to some food.
In the mean time I cast on for the baby hoodie blanket. I even did a little swatch, turns out size 7 needles would give this blankie a very nice look. I would have to cast on 112 instead of 100 stitches to get the right size, not a big deal. So I grab the white yarn, cast on, switch to the blue yarn, and it's all coming along nicely.
The stitches look just a little bit bigger then in the swatch, but then again I think I'm knitting them a little bit looser. I was kinda curious and I took out my measuring tape, turns out, my blankie is pretty wide across. Again, not a big deal, I'll just have to add extra rows to the top, increasing my knitting time. (And with my procrastination skills, that can be a bad thing, I need to finish 3 of these for Christmas)
I cleaned up my room, found another pair of circular addi needles, that looked kinda... small. I mean, they looked like the size I should have been knitting with and oh yes, go figure, they are my size 7s. Turns out, I'm not knitting loosely, I'm knitting my blanket on size 8s. Gosh, I'm such a dork. O well, the blanket will be huge, but it is for a fast growing boy :)


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