Sunday, October 19, 2008

Itching to cast on

I've been away for another while, and I wish I could say I was too busy to blog. But no, sadly that is not the case. I did get addicted to a new show on sci fi channel. It only had 6 episodes so it didn't fill up the dvr.

For a while I had a very responsible streak going. I was working on some of my older projects. Made a little bit of progress, but I do believe that every little bit helps. Then work started to interfere with just about every aspect of my life and I had to put the knitting down for a while. But now work has settled down and I can pick up my needles again. And the old projects, the prospect of finishing them ... it does nothing for me. I have cast on fever again! I've been looking at patterns on ravelry. Michelle has turned into a superstar pattern writer and I want to make her stuff. It is so pretty. So I will pretend my yarn stash isn't flowing over already and go buy some more yarn tomorrow. I found a cute pattern for a hooded baby blanket. Looks like a very quick knit. Should go fast. So I can pretend I never strayed, haha.

So I will be casting on, adding to my list of shame a.k.a my never ending list of WIPs/UFOs. And I will also need to get over my costume of shame. I was at a rock band party. I decided to go dressed in a skirt that was more like a belt, tank top, blond wig, and cheeto dust all over the skirt (like I was wearing that one again, ha, no need for a belt skirt. tank top on the other hand) and bare feet. Anyone guess who I was... I looked so super classy and only dressed this way, because it was all friends at the party.
Now that I have seen some pictures, I wonder why I couldn't go as a classier person (or a classier period in this person's life) I'm not lying when i say, I don't have any pics myself, but if I get a hold of some, I will let you enjoy the trashy version of me.


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