Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Why work on one sock when you can work on two?
I know I have a schort attention span, and I think that is my main problem with sock knitting. I'm so happy to finish the half of my pair and casting on for the second sock ... it feels a little anti-climatic for me. Something I will learn to get over. And so yesterday, I tried out a new technique:
I finished the first of my staircase socks. Found a less than enthousiastic sock model, but she laid still long enough for one picture.
And here is my anti-anti-climax remedy. I cast one for a different sock.
Not sure how smart it is, but I've had this yarn for a while, I've been very curious about the striping pattern. And now I know. And while I'm knitting, I keep thinking about the other staircase sock. This yarn has no more mysteries (well, still a few, like what will the heal look like, what will the sock look like...) So I am longing for the pretty yarn of my staircase socks. Now, I can't wait to cast on. Climax, it's back.


At 7:27 AM , Blogger Michelle said...

Ophie is intrigued by the sock, you better keep an eye on her.

At 7:54 AM , Blogger Shelley said...

The staircase sock looks very interesting! I love the colours in both pairs of the socks you're working on - very pretty.


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