Sunday, April 06, 2008

"New" stuff

So as I am going through my box o' projects and I run into a lot of things. Things I kinda had forgotten all about. First off there is what was going to be a wrap or so. It's not even long enough for me to say I gave up half way through. But before I gave up, I did put a pretty (if I do say so myself) border on one side. Gotta have a little bling on my wrap. Well, it was actually for a friend, but I did make (finish!!!) her something else in the mean time.
The other two patches you see where going to function as the front patch for throw pillows... Now I just need to do the pillow part. Maybe one day... (I have had all the materials for quiet a while)

But not everything I found was doomed to never be finished (eventhough I have every intention of one finishing those pillows and wrap, I gotta be just a little bit realistic here.) One of it was a finished little hat and a pinwheel baby blanket. 'Yeay', FOs, but 'Boo' the only FOs. I also tracked down clopatis, my ribbi cardi and my barbie wrap. I call it that because it is still in a very tiny phase of its existence. And I know it is not uncomen to end up with a million stiches when you do lace knitting and you make things real people size. But if I leave it barbie size... Well, I just have to whine about it. I'll suck it up and get over myself later. I'll probably try to finish my wave blanket first. I started it so long ago, I'm not sure if I even remember the pattern. And that brings me to my final project (unless of course I have more projects carefully hidden away, which I'm sure I have.) So last, but by no means least, I found my diagonal blanket. It's a crocheted blanket and it goes diagonal (duh) and the nice part it that I am passed the half way point. Which means all my rows are now decreases. Woohoo.


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