Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in blogland

I really hope to visit more frequently. But lately, I have been soo busy. And nothing worth blogging about. That is the sad thing. It's just work, tutoring kids to help pass their high school math exit exam and being very frustrated that these kids are WAY below the level they should be at. Thank you California school system. You will produce a fine lot of burger flippers. And keep cutting those budgets, some kids might not even qualify for that...
For a while I was working with the kids in small groups. And the kids were responding, they got better grades, they even got in the habbit of doing homework (trust me, that is a major change). So yeah, the program was working and therefor one of the higher up administrators decided to put an end to it. Because the school had recieved a grant and there was still plenty of money left. Why should they spend it on something that benefits the kids?
Really, me, bitter, no no.

Anyway, I'm back to regular subbing. Which should give me some time to finish that horrible thesis of mine. Who am I kidding, I'll never finish it. So let's talk about things I might finish after all. This a a little baby sweater. Whether Tessa will fit in it, I don't know. But someone will. To make it easy on myself I opted for short sleeves. I just need to but 5 more rows on the second sleeve, crochet a border around the neckline and weave in the ends. Then I get to cross it off my WIP list. (It's been a long time since I got to do that)

These here are my bins of shame. I put all of my yarn and WIPs and UFOs into two bins. I really need to work on finishing some of those projects but there is so much I want to cast on for...
... and then there is this: Michelle gave it to me. She went to Stitches West and brought me back this little skein of lovely. How can I resist casting on! How!!?
While I figure it out, I do have this to occupy my time. It's the box lace shawl and I am actually very happy you can start to see the little box pattern. Yeay, I'm doing something right. This is also yarn I got from Michelle. Plus, when I go home for a week, I'll be bringing this little project with me. My staircase socks, made from yarn I got from Michelle... Yep, Michelle is definitely my enabler. It's a good thing she has impeccable taste in colors.


At 4:11 AM , Blogger JoanM said...

HI Roberta,
I understand your frustration with the school system. I used to be a special ed teacher, but they always cut funds for this when they budget.

I love your baby sweater, and your other knitting. Don't worry about UFO's. they give life more variety I think

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