Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Been so long

Oh yes it has. So long that I couldn't even remember the password to my blogger account...
I've been out and about. First of, went to Belgium for 2 weeks. I will show off a few pics later. It was fun, it's always great to see my parents again (no matter how nuts they make me, but that is what family is for). Wheater was actually pretty good and by that I mean, rain had been kept to a minimum.
Also got to do a bit of traveling. Went to Luxemburg and London. Had the best cup of hot chocolate in London. It was at the Harrod's chocolate bar, made by some Belgian guy who had moved to Switzerland. (Yeah, he knows chocolate. Soooo good)
Ophie stayed with my old roommate for a week. But her and her boyfriend have a new kitty, and Ophie doesn't do to well around other cats. (She actually has a nemesis walking around the apartment complex here. Those two go far beyond enemies.) The second week she was in my apartment. Poor kitty, all alone. She had people come by and feed her and pet her, but she is such a spoiled little kitty. She wants people to hang around and watch her sleep. Needless to say, I came home to neurotic kitty. (And it broke my heart when I had to go out for 5 min to get her more catfood. She didn't understand the 5 min part and miawed like crazy)

A few days after I got back, I was of to Chicago for a Gaelic Football tournement. Never played the sport before, but a local team was short people and they asked a few people on our rugby team to come. It was fun. But I got called so many times by the ref. Gaelic has no contact, rugby has a lot of it... It went against my instincts. It was a lot of fun though, I'll probably try this game again.

As for my apartment, it looks like a mess, like a tornado went through it. (And that tornado was me.) It's been too hot for me to be even remotely motivated to clean up. I guess I'll do my whole 'must pick up at least one item a day'. See how long that lasts....

And I shall leave you with a message from Ophie, she is getting into the blogging/computer thing too:
(I don't know what that means)


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