Friday, May 11, 2007

Just moved

Yep, I have moved out of the fancy OC to the crazy LBC. (And for those that don't live in Southern California, I moved from Orange County to Long Beach.) I now have no roommate, which means I have as much crazy time in the apartment as I want, haha. For now, I still have Ophie. She is actually my (old) roommate's cat. She's moving in with her boyfriend and at their temporary place, they are not kitty friendly. So when they move into their real new place, Ophie will go with them. And I'll probably write a very sad post about that.

But for now, I am happy to be in my new place. It's cute, small but cute. Of course, now I realize just how much crap I have. I'm almost done unpacking the boxes in the apartment. And in the apartment is a very important part of that sentence. My mom was in town not too long ago, so I had to 'hide' a few things. (She likes to throw things out, things like yarn...) So the boxes that are at my friends' places, they still need to be brought over and unpacked. We'll see where I put it all. I just want to say thank you to the guy that came up with storage closets. (I have one at my new place, hihi)
But speaking of too much stuff, I better start kintting up some of my yarn and finishing some of my projects. 'Cause again, I have no room to discretely put my yarn away.

I wish I had pics, but not yet, however, I will get some soon. I do have one of Ophie (of course). She aparently doesn't like workmen in the apartment. She hid from the movers under the bed and in the closet. I think the cable guys took her by surprise and they where in the bedroom (not underneath the bed, but I guess it was too close for comfort for her) so she hid between the fridge and the wall. Which resulted in this little funky pic.

And tonight will be a night of firsts in a while; first time blogging in a while, first time picking up my knitting (to actually knit) in a while...

And, happy news (for sci-fi geeks) Eureka is coming back in July, happiness, happiness, happiness.


At 3:45 PM , Blogger Shelley said...

Congrats on getting the new apartment! That is a cute pic of Ophie! Tight squeeze I It will be a sad day when you have to give her back. Do you plan on getting your own cat?

At 7:09 PM , Blogger kittensmittens said...

Yeah, i probably will get another kitty. it's nice to come home to some...'one'. (even if it is a shitty kitty like Ophie, haha)


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