Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where do I start?

So many things have happened these last few days. I suppose I'll start with my knitting news. The faux fur trimmed wrap sans fur is starting to take shape.

I'm knitting the thing in one piece because I hate seeming and at times I was wondering if me plan would work. But now I'm sure it will.
Also, I'm happy to say that chocolate mocha has 3 of the 8 buttons firmly attached. (It's still warm here, I'm in no hurry to finish a wool cardigan.)

Oh lord, and then Ophie and I got some bad news. The stuff on my cat website did not pick her to be in the contest. (So they get no link, pox on them!) (Ok a little harsh, temporary pox on them.) Ophie is very upset. I got out the camera to take a picture on my b-day present, and she ran. Just couldn't handle it. Poor kitty.
(And thank you for commenting on the cuteness of Ophie. She feels validated and the shy spell will only be temporary...)

And speaking of my b-day, it will be this Friday but I got an early present from Michelle. It's kinda evil, it's the bedazzler.

Why do I call it evil. Well, look at the commercial or the website or here (this one has sound, be aware) These women go crazy. I mean just because your pants can hold 150 rhinestones, doesn't mean you need to put that exact amount on your pants. But after Michelle gave me this, I understand how 150 rhinestones seem reasonable. It is hard to stop once you get going. I came home and immediately tried it out on my jeans. (I always laughed at the women on TV and called the bedazzler lame, while secretly I coveting this wonderful tool.) I can tell you, bedazzling jeans is more of an exercise in will power. Will power to not cross the boundaries of good taste. I put a discrete 4 blingies on the top of my pockets and now my bedazzler is in the closet. (Click on the picture for a close up. It proves I didn't go crazy.) I plan to go to Old Navy and get a few cheap plain tank tops and then bling them out too. Tastefully though, always tasteful. Must not get carried away.

To finish my post, I shall leave you with new lessons learned:
- When you put a pan with red meat on the front burner and after 5 minutes the meat doesn't have the smallest hint of a brown or cooked color, yet when you hold your hand above the pan you feel heat ... you probably turned on the back burner. And doing what I did, giving the meat an extra 5 minutes to brown 'cause you're sure it will happen, ... no, this doesn't help. What will help is a) put the pan on the back burner, or b) turn off back burner and turn on front burner. (This is either or, doing both will NOT help your situation.)
- Ophie however is NOT learning that not every tin can is a can of cat food. In fact, none of them are but she still comes running...


At 7:23 AM , Blogger fickleknitter said...

I declare that the perfect amount of bling for those jeans! I want to see some blinged up Ophie next please.

At 9:46 AM , Blogger Shelley said...

Tinker Belle sends her regrets to Ophie about not getting picked for the contest; she was very disappointed in this.

Happy birthday! I remember seeing commercials years ago for the Bedazzler, but haven't seen them in recent years. I made fun of the commercials too, but kind of wanted one myself lol. I'm too old for it now though...which could be a good thing! LOL!

Fickleknitter has a good idea...bling and bedazzle Ophie and maybe she will win the contest next time!


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