Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Told you I would

Said I would put on some sleeves and I finished the second one tonight. Even wove in the edges. Woohoo, one more project down. (And after recounting, I have only 19 WIPS left. Yay!!!)

So I just watched the season finale of Project Runway. Micheal, my favorite designer didn't win. And I can't blame the judges. I wanted to like his collection but it was a bit too ... much. But I'm sure he go far in fashion, like he said, he is still young. (I'm gonna start saving now so I can buy one of his pieces later on when he is a top designer.)
However I am peeved that Jeffery won. I hate to say he did have the best collection, but I hate his character. He is such an a**hole. Or at least they editted him to come off that way. Still, I don't like him. And I don't want to buy his stuff! So there...

And now starts my new addiction, Top Chef. (Never thought I would be such a reality tv person. But I'd like to think I am still picky with my reality shows. I'm at least watching talented people...)


At 6:56 AM , Blogger fickleknitter said...

That sweater is adorable! :)

I'm bummed about Michael too. Stupid Jeffrey.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger JoanM said...

That is a really cute sweater, congratulations. Do post it on the UFO blog


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