Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yarn dyeing gone bad?

Or is it Michelle's famous pink turning camera?

Nope, it's what happens when kitties can't find the litter box and use my backpack instead. She is now a lovely shade of pink. And no, she didn't suffer. She's already back to her usual antics, mainly sleeping on top of her (my) box.
And this is pre-dyeing, it's Ophie's opinion on knitting needles. She wants them all to herself.
Which makes it hard for me to finish my projects if she is hogging all the needles... I haven't finished anything yet, but the wash cloth is almost done, and I'm making good progress on one of my baby sweaters. (And I'm ashamed to say, no progress on my thesis.)

Added later today: I changed my mind. It's not going to be a washcloth. I guess my conscience got to me and I will turn this into a snuggle blanket for a homeless animal, as they put it. I have a lot of waste yarn, it's either uniteresting or there's just not enough of it to give it away. Always a shame to just throw it away. So I shall turn it into a blanky and ship it to an animal shelter.


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