Thursday, December 07, 2006

Common cold sucks!

All I have is a little cold, but I am useless because of it. It sucks! I hate it. I'm just laying on the couch. Don't even want to get up or move to get food. And this appartment being so cold doesn't help. I hate this. But I do like the whole being wrapped up in my blanket. That is kinda nice and cozy and comfy. Ophie agrees, she is in here somewhere too.
I haven't even been motivated to knit... and I'm very close to finishing my mom's present. It's a skinny scarf so it goes superfast. Think that would motivate me, but nope.

Well, I leave you with Ophie, because I have no new projects or progress to show you.
This is Ophie looking at a picture of herself, when she was still a little kitten.
And I put some purple gelcaps on her nails. A few of them already came off, and I'll get around to replacing them this weekend maybe. But doesn't she look good with purple nails. I know she like purple. I think it looks good against the white. She's got taste.


At 8:32 AM , Blogger Shelley said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon! I hate getting sick too. I've just recently gotten over a cold (had laryngitis with it too), and still have a little bit of it left...

Ophie looks beautiful with her purple nails! She couldn't have picked a better colour!


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