Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh darn

After a lazy Sunday, I decided to do dome knitting and a little organizing of my yarn. I found a toddler dress that I was gonna make. I wasn't that far yet. I debated frogging it, for reasons that might be a bit petty, but hey, ... I'm allowed. I made my friend's baby a little dress once, it was the purple one. It's not that I need flowers or thank you cards or endless praise. But a simple 'hey, our girl was wearing your dress last week, it looked really cute...' Ya know, something like that. But no, I never heard anything from her about the dress. It wasn't the fanciest or anything but I still put effort into it. Little update would have been nice. And I realize I didn't really take the season thing into account, but a little lie about how cute it looked would have done just fine. Just to make me feel like I didn't make the dress for nothing, 'cause I know she's too big for it now. (sorry, my little rant, a bit petty, I know, o well)
Anyway, I was gonna be nice, put my pettiness aside, make her girl another dress because my friend is moving. This time I would make a larger size ,2 years, at that age she'll still fit when the season rolls around. I found a cute pattern online, saved the link and I cast on for it. One thing I didn't take into account, the pattern might go offline... Yeah, I was gonna work on it tonight but I can't find the pattern anymore.

I ended up frogging. On the brightside, it takes my UFO list down to 14. Probably won't last long, I bought a new magazine with pretty patterns. I know I'll be casting on soon. Especially now that I have some more free cables :)


At 6:38 AM , Blogger Michelle said...

I wouldn't be running off to knit for someone who didn't say thank you either. Karma took that pattern down ;)

At 5:43 PM , Blogger Shelley said...

Oh no...that's too bad about not being able to find the pattern!

I totally understand what you mean about having your friend at least acknowledge the dress you made her daughter. You'd think that when someone takes the time to make (or even buy) something for another person or someones kid(s), a simple "hey I/the kid had on your dress/shirt/sweater/whatever gift today/yesterday/last week." would be called for - it's the polite thing to do...


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