Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy feet

Yep, I finished my socks today! I will post pics later, just too darn lazy to get the camera.
Plus, for some reason, Ophie decided to blow up her tail to 5 times the normal size, I don't know why, but she sure looks funny. She just walked by and is now miawing at the door. Nutcase.
Anyway, my UFO list is now down to an impressive 13. I feel like I should cast on to celebrate, haha. But tonight I'll be good. I'll just enjoy some homemade dessert. Yes, that is correct, I have been doing a lot more cooking lately. Yesterday, I made breadpudding. It looks like snot, but it tastes just fine. I think I might be to impatient for those recipes that constantly make you strain things to get the lumps out. Lumps, shmumps, it all tastes the same. Haha.

Oh, and I will need to be strong. I'm going to the yarn lady bag sale in san clemente this saturday. Official reason, Michelle and I are going and taking Maya to see the world so Mike can have the house to himself and do ... whatever he would be doing. Don't really think I need to write down the real reason here. But our (read Michelle's , read Maya's) excuse for whatever we bring home will be "toys" for Maya. Yes, we have noticed the little one likes yarn. She is such a cute yarn-a-holic.


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