Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reason to blog

I know I take these long vacations from blogging. And now I am back again, with stuff to rant about, and stuff to show off.
First, let me brag about this lovely skein of yarn. Oh yes, I had a b-day and Michelle gave me somthing to keep me busy, hehe. I just got my invite for ravelry and I was actually all happy to put some stuff in the stash section. Well, it didn't stay 'stash' for long. I cast about 2 minutes after I got it, hihi. I will be proctoring an exam tomorrow, so this new sock will be perfect to keep me busy.

I spoiled Ophie a little. Instead of boxes, she can now lounge on her little cat tower. She likes it. (Although, in the mean time, it's not that interesting to her anymore but my lap seems to be quiet nice) And along with my yarn, Michelle got Ophie a little something too, unintentional I'm guessing, but this bag entertained her for quiet a while.

I must also rant about the first Christmas commercial. Oh yes, it was the night of October 22nd. Now I can't be all mad, because it was Old Navy. I like Old Navy, but 10/22 is just a little too soon. Haven't even passed Halloween yet.

Now if this post seems a little all over the place, it's because I'm trying to finish before I loose the motivation to clean my appartment. I have a friend coming in from Belgium, she knows I'm a slob, but I'm sure she would appreciate room to walk around, hehe. And I went to Target to get this little thingy, maybe put me in an organizing mood. And it worked, whlie driving I was totally motivated and looking forward to it. But I made a littel detour my Michelle's house, where she gave me the above present :) and I got to watch the Maya show. It's my favorite, she was going all out, showing off some new moves. So needless to say, cleaning motivation has gone down a bit... a lot.

Well, we'll see what happens. Gotta post my new yarn on ravelry, hehe.


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