Monday, October 08, 2007

Knitting again

Well, I'm happy to say, I have done quiet some cleaning in my appartment. It looked great for a while there, but I'm noticing that I'm letting papers fly around again... Better buy those Halloween decorations before it gets too out of hand.
I also figured out a way to get around myself not allowing me to cast on. You see, one of my teammates had a baby (almost 2 years ago) and I haven't knit her anything yet. But I have for all the other mothers. So, taking my knitting speed and her size into account, Christmas will be around the corner very soon and I can finish something for an almost 2 year old. And here it is.

It's a bit of my own design. We'll see how it ends up. I cast on yesterday.

Now it's kinda late, so I won't go into how I used Ophie to try and get a very cute electrician to talk to me. And about how she completely failed me. How pink yarn make her want to hunt things, like yarn and crochet hooks. And about how happy both Ophie and I are to be knitting again. I'm happy for the obvious reason, and Ophie has never wanted to do more cuddling (especially when I am knitting. And I have a new addiction, facebook. Oh yes, I've been doing things, all from the comfort of my couch, but it still counts...

Oh, and some other day, I will go on my rant about the complete and total uselessness of certain people (and pets)
Yes Ophie, you are the poster kitten for complete and total uselessness. But I luv ya :)


At 12:25 AM , Blogger JoanM said...

That looks really pretty. HOpe you get it done for Christmas


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