Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost Halloween

Yes, I know it is still more than a month away, but it is my motivation to clean up my place. I want to decorate the appartment, but I gotta make room first to put the decorations, haha.
Ophie has helped me, in her own way. I was reading my e-mail and my friend had forwarded one of those touchy feely ones. All cute animal pics with at the bottom a little anecdote of a fireman rescuing a pregnant dog and after it's all done pic is of the dog licking the fireman's face. And the conclusion of it all : "Who says animals are dumb?" I was moved, it was all very cute and then I look up at my kittie. She is sitting on the armrest of the couch looking intensely, as cats do, at a stack of boxes (those filing type ones). She sticks out her paw, reaches for a box at paw height, hooks it into the handle and pulls down the whole stack of empty boxes. And this was no accident, it was very well thought out. How do I know? She did not flinch when the stack come crashing down. Instead, she looks at the mess, jumps down, surveys everything on ground level and crawls into one of the boxes. As happy as she can be. Who says animals are dumb... Probably the same people who think cats have no personality...

I know, I need a life. That was a very long story about my cat. I haven't done much knitting, so there is no story there. As a sub, I really can't tell you funny work stories. Right now, it's world cup rugby, so I do a lot of tv watching (witch I usually do anyway...) so no exciting adventures there. So, I guess Oct 20th, I will have a life again, that is when the world cup is over. And that is very close to Halloween. Now, while I can't allow myself to get decorations yet, I do occasionally look at costumes. This was last year:

And this is a possible costume for this year:

As you can tell, a very big change of theme, haha. But my only problem, when I turn sideways, I make the footsie pjs, look ... a little bit ... hoochie. I guess my gluteous is too maximus. I would go for a bigger size but it doesn't go above XL, because this costume is a lot warmer than the beer maid one. My roommate had the right idea going as the can.


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