Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Or at least a few days after Thanksgiving. I hope it was delicious and stress free holiday for everyone. It sure was for me. I went down to San Diego to visit my aunt who is a fabulous cook. I ate soo much, I'm still full.
Now, I don't have any turkey or other food pics, but I do want to show off this little one. She is my new cousin (or second cousin, I'm not that technical on that) Sidney. Super cute little chubby baby. Very happy and very easy with people. She is a very recent addition to the family, so she got passed around, and loved it. (Wait til X-mas, more relatives who haven't seen her. I hope her mom is ready to give up her kid for a few days.)

And just to prove she truly is part of the family:She sleeps like a Johnson. Nothing seems to wake her up.

These past few weeks I've also had a friend in town from Belgium. We've had a lot of fun. I went to Catalina for the first time. It is a very nice little island. We drove around in a golfcart most of the day. Never thought that could be so tiring, haha.

And what do you do after such an intense workout?

As for knitting, I haven't gotten that much done. Ok, I haven't gotten any knitting done. But, I have planned a new little cast on project. I wanna use the caron super soft yarn and knit me a grey scarf. I was one of those crazy people on Friday out at the mall (not at the crazy early times) and I got some new fitted tees. A bit longer, so that when I stand in front of the class, i can actually lift my arms without showing off my stomach. But they are a little low cut. Nothing a tank top can't fix as far as decency, but a scarf would add a little warmth. Right? It's a good enough reason to put my million other projects on hold...


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