Thursday, April 03, 2008

Messy again

I got back from my trip, safe and sound. Except that before I left, my place was kinda ... well, lets just say, I had to pack in a hurry. When I got back, I was all jet lagged. Unpacking, not my priority. And to save you the story of how it progressed, I'll skip straight to the part where I admit that my place once again, is a great big mess... I have to figure out a path to get from one place to another. And I'm still using jet lag as my reason for not doing anything about.
Today, it got so bad, I was looking for a certain project to work on at Michelle's place and I just couldn't find it. Looked all over, no sign. Crap!!! At that moment, I knew I needed to get tidying. But when I came home, I looked again, and it turned I put my projects in a different bag in the closet. So, once again, in my mind, my system of mess triumphed again. I have no need for cleaning up. I can still find everything I need... Yeah, super flawed logic, but it's given my an excuse to do only the minimal amount of cleaning, so I'm not gonna abandon my philosophy just yet.
And I would show off a pic of my mess, but it is too embarrasing. I'll use my trip excuse for one more week, then I'll blame it on moving, which is something I will need to prepare for soon too.


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