Friday, April 25, 2008

Things I've learned

It's been a very educational week for me. I'm moving yet again, and I haven't packed up one thing. Oh yes, I should probably mention I'm moving tomorrow. And this would be more dramatic if I didn't have about a week and a half to actually get my stuff out of this place. Tomorrow is for the heavy stuff, throughout the week I will be moving over small boxes and immediately unpacking. Let's see how that strategy works.
But what have I learned :- Ophie is no help! she just sits in a boxes. (well, I already knew that, but she just proved that point again.)
- One serving of Quaker Oats mini kettle corn rice cake is only 7 rice cakes! Satisfying snack, 7 mini rice cakes. Who will that satisfy! Try one satisfying bag of mini kettle corn rice cakes. That is satisfying! I wonder what the nutritional value is for the bag.
-There are 2 Davids on American Idol. I've been watching the show the whole time, fast forwarding through all the crap, but only this week did I realize there are two Davids on the show.
-I should not knit after midnight. I was working on my stripey sock. Turning the heel, picking up stitches for the gusset. And for some reason, I didn't actually pick up enough stitches... Oops, I could have ripped back, but fudging it later on will be much better. Hihi.
- I may have reached a new level of crap I will watch on tv. Last night, it was some movie about the Marquis de 'Sod', at least that is how his name was pronounced the whole time. And you know how in movies about the past, they always use british accents. Well, they tried, or at least, some of the actors tried (only one succeeded, but that's because he is british). So, bad acting, horrible and inconsistent accents, bad acting a bad script and to top it off, super bad acting. But I still watched it...
-I am really good at procrastinating. Something else I already knew, but it's an extra line in my blog, extra time that I don't have to pack, haha.

Well, that's enough blogging/procrastinating for me. So emptying the dvr before I move, that is important too, is it?


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