Sunday, April 27, 2008

So many things I'd rather be doing...

Well, most of the stuff is out of my old place. Or better, all the big stuff is out. I still got a week left on the lease so I am taking my time. Right now I am taking a break from painting (ok, so I've only done the prep work, taping sanding and all of that crap, but it counts) The previous people had made my room the baby room. It's yellow (I could have lived with that) with a white picket fence painted on the wall (hell to the no).
So I decided on a color called haven, it's a nice soft green. Much better.
I'll be getting back to painting soon, after I eat my left over pizza (mmm). But man, do I have some moving blog stories for you. Well, only one, really. And it's not even that great. But I will tell you anyway, after I get some painting done. I wish I could blog about exciting stuff, but there's not much excting stuff happening right now... O well.

Oh yes, thank you unprotected internet and bunny ears. It keeps me sane on my paint breaks. Haha.
Well, back to work I guess.

Oh wait, did I mention that Ophie will be getting a friend. His name is Thor, he is very sweet, orange and white and always looking for love. We'll see how Ophie deals.


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