Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long Beach Dog Parade

Last weekend was the annual Dog Parade in Long Beach. Even though I am very much a cat person, I have to get out of the house every now and then. So Aj and I decided to go to the park for the afternoon. And boy, it was worth it.
Owners dress up their dog and walk them around one block of 2nd street. Some people kept it simple, a store bought costume and a leash. Bumble bee and devil seemed to be the most popular. Some people decided to pull their pup in a cart, with or with decorations. Oh, and did I mention that some of the owners also dressed up along with the dog's theme...
And that is still nothing compared to ... the crazy people. Now, it was the cutest little puppy and it's owners dressed it up as Indiana Jones. And they had the cart with a spinning bolder on it. And it's all good so far. But, the reason I call these owners crazy, is because the woman would constantly hold up treats to get dog's attention. If the puppy wanted to lay down for a bit, she would pick him up and sit him down facing the crowd. Constant fixing of the hat. And then more treats to get the dog's attention towards the crowd. She was a true stage mom. And her husband dragged into it. I'm not so sure how much against his will though.

Don't get me wrong, I got nothing against dressing up dogs, occasionally. (Lord knows I have holiday hats for my cat. Not that they stay on long) And as for people dressing up,... I say yes! Yes to it all. But when you cross that 'stage mom' line .... no, that is just too far. Let you dog take a nap on the wagon if he wants to. Let it face the wrong way. If his hat is slightly crooked, it's ok. Your puppy is fluffy enough to make up for all the little imperfections.

As for knitting, not much done. I'm trying to make my Xmas deadline for 3 baby blankies.


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