Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I'm so happy I'm not the only one that is affected by infomercials (and those regular late night commercials for the most awesome stuff) My roommate is also very susceptable and so she came home with some upside down plant growing bag and two tomato plants. I've nicknamed them Mato.
It took some time, but yesterday we saw this beautiful sight. I'm super impatient, it already took way too long for this to happen. Think I'll have fresh tomato before I leave to Belgium in exactly a week?(Ok, so they are still very small and kinda hard to see in the picture. But we have three tomatoes there.) And speaking of impatient, I applied for a teaching job Golden West College last week (little less than a week). I'm already wondering when they're gonna offer me the job, or at least let me know ... anything. Sigh. As if job limbo doesn't suck enough, I got a parking ticket today. For being only 2 minutes late. Very peeved about that one.

In happier news, I finished a project. Oh yes I did!!! Except for the end by the cuff that I need to weave in (I don't care about the one by the toes, nobody sees those) Ophie is still my main model, the other one trying to show off in the background is Thor.


At 11:50 AM , Blogger monica said...

my mom's neighbors have 2 of these! i'm going to take pictures of them cause they are fun! hee!


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