Thursday, March 15, 2007

So what have I been up to ... ?

It feels like it's been forever, and that's because it has. Not that I have been up to much, haven't done much knitting, haven't written much on my thesis, ... really not much of anything. But here are a few pics to show off my little milestones: ...
Or not, blogger is not cooperating. So maybe later. First one was gonna be of a pot of popcorn. Except I put too many kernels in there. Looks kinda funny.
Next was a picture of one of my other brave frogged projects. It was a sweater I started, but I don't remember what needles and i can't even find the pattern or my notes. So it needed to go. I was gonna put up the before and after. That way I got so show off my Denise needle set, with TWO empty cables in it. I thought it was exciting.
Also, I got a baby jacket from Lyssa. Not for me, but for me to finish. She wasn't going to and she had knit too much to frog, so I promised to give it a good home. It was accompanied on it's trip by two delicious cookies. Too bad they did not make it to the photo. (Now I feel bad to say, I haven't finished it yet, but my cousin is pregnant and she's not due 'til august, so I'm not too worried. There's not much work left)
And the final picture was of a new project. I couldn't help myself, I just had to cast on. It's a little girl's dress. One of my teammates is moving back to England for the summer. I've made a dress for baby Jenny before, but I forgot to think about a few details. It turned to be a pretty tightly knit dress, in microfibre, in other words, pretty darn warm. No problem, that's what winter is for. But I'm not so sure she'd still fit by that time (I finished it in April and she would have to stop growing). So, this dress is the 2-3 year size (Jenny is about 10 months now, plenty of time to grow into it), the pattern calls for chunky, which is no problem 'cause she's going to England. Yep, yep, thought this one out a bit better.

Well, just gave the picture thing another try, still didn't work. I guess pic for next time.