Monday, October 31, 2005

First sock

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Yep, just need to graft those toes (and knit a second one)

By the way, Lyssa (fear and loathing in Boulder) is having a blog contest. Giving out mystery yarn X. Worth a look.

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view from the top

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh yeah

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Should I stop now? Is it time for the 80s to make comeback? If so, I can cast off this sock now and call it my super fashionable ankle warmer. Very flash dance, don't you think?

So here you have it. I cast on for hopefull, I have about 8inches of it, and then Michelle goes and gives me sock yarn. What about all the other stuff I was working on...

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Wonder what ever happened to the blanky. There it is. On the new super long Denise cable (40"). Got the corset right next to it. (And even the start of a gauge swatch for the ribbi cardi. not that I will need to finish the swatch, it is already the wrong gauge for sure.)Needless to say, I haven't worked on them for a while. Bad me. Today was the baby shower. No blanket for the baby yet. But he isn't due 'til December and there is always Christmas...

And, it has been some time since Ophie made an appearance on my blog, so for your viewing pleasure : Halloween Ophie.

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Of course Ophie got a halloween costume too. She picked it out herself and put it on herself (really, I kid you not). Here you see her checking herself out, making sure she looks like an actual pumpkin.

pumpkin butt
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What, my butt does look like a pumpkin!

halloween ohpie
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Just for the occasion, I dyed Ophie orange. I used food coloring and there is the result. Here you see her showing off her coat and her new favorite place to sit, shiny crinkley wrapping paper.

(Don't worry, no kitties were harmed)

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Tired from parading around in her lovely new colors, she took a little nap on my lap. (made the knitting a bit harder.)

Friday, October 28, 2005

And now that I'm home

new distractions
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Well, these are my latest distractions. I couldn't help myself and I cast on for Hopefull. I love it, stockinette in the round. Great! And there you see two socks in the background (of the picture, certainly not the knitting list).
Lynette (Gathering of wool) was the one who opened the door for sock knitting. I won a contest and she sent me the light blue yarn. It is knitting up very pretty. It was just the thing Michelle (my fickle friend) was waiting for. She is my enabler of yarn and for my birthday, I got a little early present. More yummy sock yarn. She even wrote up a pattern.
Yes, I have to admit, knitting socks is kinda fun. I have yet to finish one, but that goes for most of my projects.

more shoes
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And this is a long overdue peek at my new shoes. Yes, those would be Reaction by Kenneth Cole. I want to marry his shoes. If all the other shoes in the world disappeared, and all there was left is Kenneth Cole, I would not complain. Oh no, I bow down to him, I have a secret altar where I worship his shoes. (Yeah, that is a slight overstatement,...the altar is not quiet finished yet...)


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Well, when you go to Michelle's blog (Fickle Knitter), you'll see she posted a contest. There is a cornflake and it is your job to figure out what it looks like.
I looked at it, someone said it looked like Sloth from the Gooneys. Couldn't agree with her more and there went my inspiration. But never underestimate the power of boredom in a physics lab! While the microscope was scanning away at whatever sample in there, I took another look at the corn flake. I started to see a pattern(-ish) coming through. (Now, you have to know, my own computer is a Mac. It does not have such wonderfull features as paint and if it does, I just haven't found it yet. But the computer is the lab is a pc.) Not having the "Paint" program on my computer and missing it terribly, I went nuts on the corn flake. Out of several different ... artworks, I like this the best. The corn flake resemble the Canadian maple leaf if that leaf would come to SoCal and bake in our sun. Happy and crispy.

(Yes, I sometimes have too much time on my hands...)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Fiero Bolero

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Mostly made in Chile. Haha. I finally seemed up the sides. (Thank you Michelle for showing me the quick and pretty way)
I love it. I wore it on the plane to AZ, and it was almost to warm to wear it. Those darn Santa Ana winds.

It's the Fiery Bolero for summer 2005 interweave knits. made it with Lara Endless Summer (100% Combed, Mercerized, Double Gassed Cotton) from on size 8 needles in Turkish Blue.

and back
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so happy with the results...