Friday, March 20, 2009

Day of revelations

Well, it took me only 10 days to finish sock #1. For me, that is a record time. Size 3 needles, it just goes to slow for me and my attention span. But because I put a little lace pattern in the sock, it helped to keep me ... interested. (I know, it sounds so bad, I have a such a short attention span, I got bored with thinking of a comparison)
But I'm pretty happy with sock 1. Now for sock 2. We'll see how long it takes.

On a different note, parking my car. I have a tiny little golf and I consider to be pretty good at parking. Just give me an inch on each side and I'll get my car in. However, I'm finding out, the bigger the spot, apparently the harder it is for me to park it. Very weird, if I got room for 1.5 times my car, I find myself backing up and forward and repeat like 5 times. Kind of embarrassing...

And my final revelation, I might actually go through the effort of making the 'Barefoot Contesa's ' sticky buns. They look soo yummy and I think I can spare 10 min to bake a made from scratch sugar overload.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of those weeks

I can already say that, and the week isn't even over yet. It started with Monday, taxday. Needless to say, the week started low. I really was just in a total depression. Stupid government, wanting my money. I need it for myself, for yarn, food, shoes,...
But then Tuesday got a little happier, I had to proctor an exam which means I got a lot of knitting done. I really am enjoying sockknitting. Normally something on size 3 needles doesn't go fast enough for me to keep my attentionspan from trailing off. But it is fun. However, I still predict some problems getting the second sock done. Right now I have 1 stripey sock, 1.5 staircase socks, and 0.5 lacy camo sock. And I'm already thinking about another yarn I want to make a sock with.
I don't think Michelle took this into account when she plotted her plan to get my addicted to sock knitting. (Though I doubt she actually sat there with sketches and scenarios, but hey, plotting plans, it's just something physicists do. Right now I'm plotting a plan to not do homework.)

Which brings me to halfway Wednesday. Sunny Wednesday. Yes, enjoying that. Probably a lot of things I should be doing, but it seems like my plan to procrastinate it working. It's working so well, I might need a nap...

(And I'll add pics when blogger lets me)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sucks to be sick

Yeah, something is going around, I don't what, but apparently I have it. I was gonna empty the dvr last night but I only managed to 'watch' one show. Four times. I think. I was passed out, I woke up a few times, same show still on.
It did give me some time to work on a little more knitting. Last week, I could not resist getting this camo sock yarn. I figured in honor of 'Redneck wedding' my roommate deserves some camo sock. In case you've never seen the show 'Redneck wedding' it is hilarious. They kicked off the first season with brother and sister getting married, and believe it or not, it has only gotten better. I don't know how, but every week I am just amazed... My roommate got me into that show, and because the people on it love their camo, my roommate needs some pretty lacy camo sock to appreciate the show even more.

And what will I do once I get better. I shall go play a round of golf so I can show off my Christmas present from Michelle. This is a super cool putter cover and golfball her and Maya picked out for me in Hawaii. Now my game shall be awesome!