Friday, July 04, 2008

Back in the land of sunshine

Not that Belgium was super rainy, it was actually pretty dry and I had mostly nice weather. But really, with all the good tasty food, chocolate and beer, who could complain. Certainly not me. My only problem, I'll be in a wedding in August and I gotta fit myself into a sarong. (Ok, fitting into a sarong, not a big deal, covering gut in sarong... little problem) But I still got time to get in shape in sunny fitness crazed SoCal. (Before I go back to Belgium, the land of tasties and undo all my semi hard work. Again, I'll deal with it later)

Now that I am back, what I am looking forward to is this:
It looks awesome. Doogie Houser and Capt Mal... heaven on my computer screen.
And now, I shall enjoy my day off, lots of sitting around. I'll start working out tomorrow.