Sunday, April 27, 2008

So many things I'd rather be doing...

Well, most of the stuff is out of my old place. Or better, all the big stuff is out. I still got a week left on the lease so I am taking my time. Right now I am taking a break from painting (ok, so I've only done the prep work, taping sanding and all of that crap, but it counts) The previous people had made my room the baby room. It's yellow (I could have lived with that) with a white picket fence painted on the wall (hell to the no).
So I decided on a color called haven, it's a nice soft green. Much better.
I'll be getting back to painting soon, after I eat my left over pizza (mmm). But man, do I have some moving blog stories for you. Well, only one, really. And it's not even that great. But I will tell you anyway, after I get some painting done. I wish I could blog about exciting stuff, but there's not much excting stuff happening right now... O well.

Oh yes, thank you unprotected internet and bunny ears. It keeps me sane on my paint breaks. Haha.
Well, back to work I guess.

Oh wait, did I mention that Ophie will be getting a friend. His name is Thor, he is very sweet, orange and white and always looking for love. We'll see how Ophie deals.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Things I've learned

It's been a very educational week for me. I'm moving yet again, and I haven't packed up one thing. Oh yes, I should probably mention I'm moving tomorrow. And this would be more dramatic if I didn't have about a week and a half to actually get my stuff out of this place. Tomorrow is for the heavy stuff, throughout the week I will be moving over small boxes and immediately unpacking. Let's see how that strategy works.
But what have I learned :- Ophie is no help! she just sits in a boxes. (well, I already knew that, but she just proved that point again.)
- One serving of Quaker Oats mini kettle corn rice cake is only 7 rice cakes! Satisfying snack, 7 mini rice cakes. Who will that satisfy! Try one satisfying bag of mini kettle corn rice cakes. That is satisfying! I wonder what the nutritional value is for the bag.
-There are 2 Davids on American Idol. I've been watching the show the whole time, fast forwarding through all the crap, but only this week did I realize there are two Davids on the show.
-I should not knit after midnight. I was working on my stripey sock. Turning the heel, picking up stitches for the gusset. And for some reason, I didn't actually pick up enough stitches... Oops, I could have ripped back, but fudging it later on will be much better. Hihi.
- I may have reached a new level of crap I will watch on tv. Last night, it was some movie about the Marquis de 'Sod', at least that is how his name was pronounced the whole time. And you know how in movies about the past, they always use british accents. Well, they tried, or at least, some of the actors tried (only one succeeded, but that's because he is british). So, bad acting, horrible and inconsistent accents, bad acting a bad script and to top it off, super bad acting. But I still watched it...
-I am really good at procrastinating. Something else I already knew, but it's an extra line in my blog, extra time that I don't have to pack, haha.

Well, that's enough blogging/procrastinating for me. So emptying the dvr before I move, that is important too, is it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

It happened again

Yeah, another bomb went off in my appartment. A very big one this time. I'll be moving soon so I'm not very motivated to clean up (or pack for that matter). I figure once I start packing it's only gonna get worse.
What else happened again, or better yet, not happened ... me doing my work. I'm still a sub, but I don't have my steady job at Jordan anymore. So I'm not subbing all that much. Which should give my plenty of time to grade my Goldenwest class and write my thesis. Yeah, nothing going on there, again.
I bought some more shoes. Because I don't feel I have enough of those. No, just because I can wear a different pair of shoes every day of the month, doesn't mean I should stop adding to my collection. And I have been covetting this dress at the Gap too. And when it goes on sale, it shall be mine.
This weekend, I ate WAY too much food, again. But it was so good. And I'll be having some chocolate cake after this post. And normally this little event wouldn't cause any ripples in my time space continuum, but rugby season is over. No practice,... so my lazy butt needs to work out on its own. And that rarely happens. Ugh...

Now really, I just needed to post on why my life is such a mess at this moment. I need to shape up. And I will, once I move into my new place, I will be neat and organized. I will eat less junk food (which will be super hard, because there's several yummy high quality fast food places just around the corner. Taco bell, McD's here I come .... in moderation) I'll stay on top of my work and I will finsh my d**m thesis.
Yes, and then I won't need to whine in my posts again...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Why work on one sock when you can work on two?
I know I have a schort attention span, and I think that is my main problem with sock knitting. I'm so happy to finish the half of my pair and casting on for the second sock ... it feels a little anti-climatic for me. Something I will learn to get over. And so yesterday, I tried out a new technique:
I finished the first of my staircase socks. Found a less than enthousiastic sock model, but she laid still long enough for one picture.
And here is my anti-anti-climax remedy. I cast one for a different sock.
Not sure how smart it is, but I've had this yarn for a while, I've been very curious about the striping pattern. And now I know. And while I'm knitting, I keep thinking about the other staircase sock. This yarn has no more mysteries (well, still a few, like what will the heal look like, what will the sock look like...) So I am longing for the pretty yarn of my staircase socks. Now, I can't wait to cast on. Climax, it's back.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

"New" stuff

So as I am going through my box o' projects and I run into a lot of things. Things I kinda had forgotten all about. First off there is what was going to be a wrap or so. It's not even long enough for me to say I gave up half way through. But before I gave up, I did put a pretty (if I do say so myself) border on one side. Gotta have a little bling on my wrap. Well, it was actually for a friend, but I did make (finish!!!) her something else in the mean time.
The other two patches you see where going to function as the front patch for throw pillows... Now I just need to do the pillow part. Maybe one day... (I have had all the materials for quiet a while)

But not everything I found was doomed to never be finished (eventhough I have every intention of one finishing those pillows and wrap, I gotta be just a little bit realistic here.) One of it was a finished little hat and a pinwheel baby blanket. 'Yeay', FOs, but 'Boo' the only FOs. I also tracked down clopatis, my ribbi cardi and my barbie wrap. I call it that because it is still in a very tiny phase of its existence. And I know it is not uncomen to end up with a million stiches when you do lace knitting and you make things real people size. But if I leave it barbie size... Well, I just have to whine about it. I'll suck it up and get over myself later. I'll probably try to finish my wave blanket first. I started it so long ago, I'm not sure if I even remember the pattern. And that brings me to my final project (unless of course I have more projects carefully hidden away, which I'm sure I have.) So last, but by no means least, I found my diagonal blanket. It's a crocheted blanket and it goes diagonal (duh) and the nice part it that I am passed the half way point. Which means all my rows are now decreases. Woohoo.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Messy again

I got back from my trip, safe and sound. Except that before I left, my place was kinda ... well, lets just say, I had to pack in a hurry. When I got back, I was all jet lagged. Unpacking, not my priority. And to save you the story of how it progressed, I'll skip straight to the part where I admit that my place once again, is a great big mess... I have to figure out a path to get from one place to another. And I'm still using jet lag as my reason for not doing anything about.
Today, it got so bad, I was looking for a certain project to work on at Michelle's place and I just couldn't find it. Looked all over, no sign. Crap!!! At that moment, I knew I needed to get tidying. But when I came home, I looked again, and it turned I put my projects in a different bag in the closet. So, once again, in my mind, my system of mess triumphed again. I have no need for cleaning up. I can still find everything I need... Yeah, super flawed logic, but it's given my an excuse to do only the minimal amount of cleaning, so I'm not gonna abandon my philosophy just yet.
And I would show off a pic of my mess, but it is too embarrasing. I'll use my trip excuse for one more week, then I'll blame it on moving, which is something I will need to prepare for soon too.