Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I promised pictures,

VK cropped jacket
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so here they are. I finished the VK cropped jacket. All though I messed up a little, you can't tell (I can't). And the clasp I got at Joann's looks pretty cool, if I say so myself.
So there is a lot of pics in todays blog, but I forgot to take a picture of my shoes. Some other day, I guess.

new baby blanket to be
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And I cast on for a baby blanket. Here are the beginnings.

look at me
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By popular demand (ok, one person), here is Ophie. What is she doing? Only Ophie knows... or maybe she doesn't even know.

Vk cropped jacket
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A different angle of the jacket. I like it, it is comfy.

let's play golf
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She is weird, yes she is. On top of my golf clubs. Now what is she trying to tell me here?

fresh out of the dryer
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Did some laundry today. And guess who appreciates those clean clothes more than me ...

"clean" laundry
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yeah, laundry day ...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

moment of silence

El Presidente has called out a moment of silence for my latest yarn disaster. Because that green tangled up, but pretty colored mess she shows you, is mine. I wanted to start some lace yesterday, so I put it on the ball winder and ... the horror started. It was too tight to get off the contraption and I had to take it off in separate parts. Anyway, the mess says it all. It's just too hard for me to talk about it...

Today I cut loose some of the bigger parts, and I will still make a lace shawl out of it. But not today.
No, I cast on for a baby blanket. And I promise to show some pictures soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm back

Yeah, I was gone for a bit. I had a friend in town for two weeks. Not much time for knitting or blogging. But, lots of time for watching rugby. Yes, is LA we were blessed with the IRB 7s circuit stopping off. Oh the eye candy, take a look at this year's action. It was great. But I will be sad if USA Rugby moves the event to elsewhere in the country. Don't they realize that everywhere else has actual winter. Everywhere, except for Southern California. I was talking to one of the coaches from South Africa (and I should also tell you, all the teams just came from Wellington [NZ, summer] the week before), he wondered what winter was like in SoCal. I had to remind he was in the northern hemisphere at that point and the 90degree weather and sunshine he was feeling, that was our winter. I'm sure if he believed me though.

Other than that, i finished my VK cropped jacket two days ago. I like it. It is very comfy. I bought ne shoes. Kenneth Cole, who else. They are sexy. And I had a cold, of which right now an annoying cough remains. Can't wait for that to pass. Amount of writing done on my thesis : none. O well, still got some time left...
And, I haven't cast on for anything new, yet. All though, I have been itching to cast on for a lace shawl. Maybe tonight.

But, pictures will be up soon...