Monday, June 02, 2008

Raise your hand if you ...

1)... didn't loose it while hanging a shelf in the bath room!
Whenever I told a friend I was using powertools, they always expressed concern. Don't know why.

2)... went to the Tustin Chilli Cook off!
And that is where I saw this treasure. I didn't try any of it, mainly because they were officially out of chilli. It was the Roto rooter stand.

I only have 2 hands, so I can't raise anymore, but I finally finished my sock. Now I have 2 half pairs. Today I casted on for the second staircase sock. But I am also itching to cast on for something else. At my slow knitting pase, I should cast on for a warm sweaer like rogue, but I kinda want to cast on for the silk corset, which I'm sure I'll finish just in time for winter.

PS Noitce the new sock model, his name is Thor and he is giving the 'fierce' look. Oh yes, he watches top model, he knows how to find the light and he can work his angles. Ophie ran as soon as I approached, she is such a prima donna.