Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things you only figure out ...

... after a little bit too much wine:
1) spelling is HARD;
2) movie logic sucks (you're a virgin, you will get sacrificed. you're not a virgin, you immediately fall under the sl*t category and some insane maniac will kill you);
3) cheese is good. (the edible kind, not the movie kind.) Making a cheese sauce and drowning you food in it makes for a tasty meal.
4) those "romantic comedic" tv/movie situations where a girl has to pick between gorgeous, perfect guy #1 and gorgeous not perfect but still pretty darn great guy #2 ... very annoying (at least to single people, it never happens, don't get our hopes up);
5) my glass is empty, need more wine;
6) why am I able to figure out who the killer is in the first 5 minutes, but the so-called genius in the movie takes 1h 55min to figure it out;
7) spelling is still not easy;
8) the holidays suck as a 30 year old single girl are gonna suck. But it's not the single part. It's my mom wondering why I am still single, it's her friend pretending to feel sorry for me (why, I'm happy)
9) wait, holidays will be great. I'm going home to Belgium and I'll be spending New Years with one of my best friend (single too) and we will have lots of good food and comfy clothes and crap movies (crap meaning good)
10) I'm done with wine, where's my dessert?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Found a fun contest. It's a show off your calendar contest, found on Chappy's mom.
I have 2 calendars that I use and couldn't really choose, so here is a picture of both.
One is a Happy Bunny calendar, as you can see, no dreary pictures here, just an obnxious bunny. I got it as a birthday present last year. I think Happy Bunny is hilarious. And the quote for this month "I'm not mean, you're just a sissy" kind of applies to me. As a teaching assistant, my students have more than often given me a "you're mean" look. I usually respond with a "I don't care what you think, just do the assignment" look. (Does that make my students sissies? I don't know, but I'm not mean ...)
The other calendar is an astronomy one. Of course. The pretty pictures is how I got into that area of science. This is a picture of a supernova remnant. Wanna know a secret? The pretty colors are added later. It starts out black and white, but they color code the different gasses afterwards. And voila, pretty picture with pretty colors. (And that white thing on the bottom is just the reflection of my flash. Oops)

Well, there you have, my calendars.