Tuesday, May 29, 2007

...and clopatis rears pretty it's head.

I picked up a few more boxes. One of them had yarn in it. Oh joy! And I think there are two more boxes with yarn floating around out there. But for now, I am happy my clopatis is back in my reach, hehe. I was gonna be good and finish my sock. But that big ball of pink is just calling me. Maybe just a few rows. I'm really close to finishing the sock and making my UFO list 13. (It's just size 3 needles and my attention span don't really get along. But my feet will love the finished project.) Oh yeah, and the 'barbie' shawl as I call it. It's on size 3 needles and it will take me forever if I plan on making it human sized... plus the magazine that will make my UFO count skyrocket again.

And the other picture is just my mess and the latest plan to get me to put stuff away. If I block the door with all my crap, I will have to clean it, right? Yeah, I thought so, apparently my lazy butt doesn't mind twisting my body into some S-shape in order to leave the house. And now there's a few more boxes...
Well, at least I have put my yarn in a central place. There's a few things I'm sending straight to good will. And the rest, ah yes, I'll get around to it soon I hope.
So how is Ophie dealing with all my insanity? See for yourself...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh darn

After a lazy Sunday, I decided to do dome knitting and a little organizing of my yarn. I found a toddler dress that I was gonna make. I wasn't that far yet. I debated frogging it, for reasons that might be a bit petty, but hey, ... I'm allowed. I made my friend's baby a little dress once, it was the purple one. It's not that I need flowers or thank you cards or endless praise. But a simple 'hey, our girl was wearing your dress last week, it looked really cute...' Ya know, something like that. But no, I never heard anything from her about the dress. It wasn't the fanciest or anything but I still put effort into it. Little update would have been nice. And I realize I didn't really take the season thing into account, but a little lie about how cute it looked would have done just fine. Just to make me feel like I didn't make the dress for nothing, 'cause I know she's too big for it now. (sorry, my little rant, a bit petty, I know, o well)
Anyway, I was gonna be nice, put my pettiness aside, make her girl another dress because my friend is moving. This time I would make a larger size ,2 years, at that age she'll still fit when the season rolls around. I found a cute pattern online, saved the link and I cast on for it. One thing I didn't take into account, the pattern might go offline... Yeah, I was gonna work on it tonight but I can't find the pattern anymore.

I ended up frogging. On the brightside, it takes my UFO list down to 14. Probably won't last long, I bought a new magazine with pretty patterns. I know I'll be casting on soon. Especially now that I have some more free cables :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Slowly settling in

Very slowly. I still have several boxes and I put them in front of the door. Hopefully they will start to bug me soon so I can unpack them or just throw everything out.
I also had to hide a few boxes at friends' houses. Michelle was nice enough to house some of my yarn (and she is still housing it). I hid some rugby stuff at another friend's house. And she was housing a few boxes from a third person, who was moving. Turns out the movers accidently took one of my boxes. Turns out it was yarn (I have more than I thought). My yarn got to go on a little trip to MN. Cold MN but it back in sunny SoCal. I'll be picking it up soon.

In the mean time, I haven't finished any knitting, but I did frog something. I actually started frogging, but the other half was hidden at Michelle's house. (Yes, I have problem, I know. Ignoring them won't help, but denial is such a nice place to be.) I found it last night, and frogged out the rest. Here is a little mid-way frogging pic.

Also, a few pics of the showable rooms of my new place. A look at the kitchen and the living/dining room. It's small, overpriced, but I love it.

And let's see, something that happened. I've been long term subbing in a class where you really cannot describe the kids as 'little angels'. Really, devil's spawn is better. But I stuck it out for 8 weeks. Which was very much appreciated by the school. And because I have a science degree, they've offered me a job. (Well, techniqually internship because I don't have my teaching credential, but once I get that taken care of, I'll be there full time.) I'm already thinking about the skeins and skeins of yarn. I don't care if I have no place to put them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Just moved

Yep, I have moved out of the fancy OC to the crazy LBC. (And for those that don't live in Southern California, I moved from Orange County to Long Beach.) I now have no roommate, which means I have as much crazy time in the apartment as I want, haha. For now, I still have Ophie. She is actually my (old) roommate's cat. She's moving in with her boyfriend and at their temporary place, they are not kitty friendly. So when they move into their real new place, Ophie will go with them. And I'll probably write a very sad post about that.

But for now, I am happy to be in my new place. It's cute, small but cute. Of course, now I realize just how much crap I have. I'm almost done unpacking the boxes in the apartment. And in the apartment is a very important part of that sentence. My mom was in town not too long ago, so I had to 'hide' a few things. (She likes to throw things out, things like yarn...) So the boxes that are at my friends' places, they still need to be brought over and unpacked. We'll see where I put it all. I just want to say thank you to the guy that came up with storage closets. (I have one at my new place, hihi)
But speaking of too much stuff, I better start kintting up some of my yarn and finishing some of my projects. 'Cause again, I have no room to discretely put my yarn away.

I wish I had pics, but not yet, however, I will get some soon. I do have one of Ophie (of course). She aparently doesn't like workmen in the apartment. She hid from the movers under the bed and in the closet. I think the cable guys took her by surprise and they where in the bedroom (not underneath the bed, but I guess it was too close for comfort for her) so she hid between the fridge and the wall. Which resulted in this little funky pic.

And tonight will be a night of firsts in a while; first time blogging in a while, first time picking up my knitting (to actually knit) in a while...

And, happy news (for sci-fi geeks) Eureka is coming back in July, happiness, happiness, happiness.