Friday, July 10, 2009

July happiness

So I'm back in SoCal, doing a little summer work. That doesn't necessarily make me happy. But the 4th of July sale at the Ann Taylor factory store sure did lift my mood. I added a cute summer dress to my wardrobe.

Sadly the tomato plant wasn't doing so well when I got back. My roommate was out of town for the weekend, so we wouldn't have anybody to water it. Plus, it gets pretty darn hot on our patio, which would probably dry out the plant even more. So her solution was to hang it in my bathroom. It's pretty light in there but not so hot.
Well, Mato, as I call the plant, did make it, but then we left it in my bathroom too long (too lazy to move such a heavy plant) and I guess there wasn't quiet enough light to keep Mato happy for an entire week. Good news, mato is not entirely dead, but after we trimmed it ... Mato looks very bald. However, it's still producing tasty tomatoes. So it counts as happy news.
Getting something pretty is always filled under happy news. Michelle made me this project bag. And I love it. She took me to a fabric store, part of her plan for pay back. I got her into knitting, now she will get me hooked on her latest addiction : sewing. Something tells me it will work. Especially when she teaches me to make this fun cute project bags.

And then there is lace knitting. I've finished the staircase socks, so my size 3 needles are free. Figured I'd put a little lace on there for a change.

First there is the triangle shawl I dubbed the barbie shawl. I decided to frog and start over again. It was hard at first, it hurt a little bit, but I am very happy with how it looks now. It is still barbie sized, but I'm more motived to make it human size.

Next is the box lace shawl. Haven't picked it up in a while, but I like working on it. Pretty colors, picked out by Michelle, with her impeccable taste. This time, there was something new about it though. Four new things to be exact. I don't know how, I don't know when, but if you look closely, you can see the offset in the pattern caused by my four extra stitches.
I still file this under happy news though. Just cause I enjoy knitting it.

And finally, I got a text yesterday from Michelle that Maya (who currently is experiencing the joy talking) mentioned my name. Now if that does not count as July happy news, I don't know what does.
Don't have a picture to go with that, so here's another sight that always makes me smile