Thursday, April 30, 2009


I suppose it has been a pretty good month. I got to to home to Belgium for spring break. Only a week, not long enough. The weather was great. You never know what you might get over there at that time of month. So I was pretty lucky I got to play all my rounds in warm sunshine beaming down :)
Then after being home for week it was of to Arizona for some rugby. Two games, bummed we didn't win either but we did play pretty well. We have one more game this season. A game we should win. I hope we do.
And today, last day in April, is Koninginnedag or Queen's day. And this year she is visiting the town where I was born. So I feel a little bit proud. And then some crazy guy had to go and do this. Yep, he took his car and drove into the royal family's bus. So much for a happy celebration.

I'm just enjoying these random moments this month. Because in 4 months I have to take my qualifying exam to get my master's degree. One month for each subject. Yes, random moments, I will miss you.