Monday, August 29, 2005

Finished the booty!

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Yeah! I was up way passed my bedtime last night, but my friend is in town 'til tomorrow. It was finish the scarf and give it to her or send it in the mail and wonder if t arrived and ... I chose to knit away bravely, ingore the clock,... and then realize that I left the darning needles at Michelle's place and I had quiet a few ends to weave in. (I had gotten a bit lazy, I was doing it along the way) Nothing else to do but use a crochet hook. Felt like it took forever, and it didn't look as nice, but nice enough.
So in 2 hours, Judy will be the happy recipient of the Booty scarf and matching hat.

In other news, I still hate Mondays, I don't want to start classes, I don't want to pay full tuition because they are ripping me off. ( Dirty word is coming to mind while I wave my fist in the air.)

close up

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a little close up shot of my superb talent in knitting letters. (hey, who's laughing?!!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carb day

Today turned out to be my carb day, which sounds better than fast food day.
Feeling a little bit bad today because I went to 2 fast food places. Picked up some tacos and fries at one place. Then some more fries at the other place (4 hours between each visit). And I can't help it, but having to cram those tasty little carb sticks into my mouth because I have to shift as I am speeding (at 40 mph) down the 405, I do feel like a slob.
But, I did manage to turn my carbs into energy, which I used for playing a friendly game of touch rugby.
And now, I'm home, I've showered, and I can't be bothered to fix anything decent to eat. I still have some Trader Joe's risotto in the freezer. Microwavable. Yes!
So now I will knit off the carbs, haha, while sitting on my butt. Happy to report my sock is now 1 3/4 ". Not super long, I know, but I am making a little bit of progress each day. They are fun to knit, I must admit. And I think I put 2 more rows on the shawl. Again, not much, but hey, I'm glad I'm doing some knitting. I don't have that much spare time these days.

Before I go, what is up with basic cable channels showing sci fi type shows. There's about 4 coming out this fall, aliens, monster, people talking to dead people... Don't get me wrong, I love those shows. I'm a sci fi geek. But they don't always do it right. Fox started this show, Point Pleasant, OK premise, some girl washes to shore in a little quiet town, and it will turn out she is the devil's child, or something like it, but she is actually a nice person. I could watch it, but it was turning into the OC. I don't want to see boyfriend trouble, he said she said cat fights... I want to see some freeky supernatural unexplainable stuff. Needless to say, the show didn't last long.
On the other hand, when they do get it right, people might not get it, and again. The show doesn't last long. Case and point, Now and again, good show. They have reruns on the sci fi channel. I'm sure it didn't help that another channel ran a show called Once ang again at the same time. Premise: couple consisting of 2 diverorcees, both having kids, trying to make their relationship work. Not a bad show, but not very supernatural. And it is hard to keep those titles separate, I had to imdb it to check.
Anyway, just a little rant about nothing. We'll what lovely new shows the fall has to offer.

If you made it this far, notice the new link in my list under cool blogs, it's image zone, a very cool picture blog.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Finish something else first

Couldn't help myself, I cast on for a shawl... I know, i'm bad

MY present

MY present
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This is the sock yarn I got from Lynette. I love the colors. I have only 1cm of sock right now, but it's looking nice, if I say so myself. It is my first sock, feeling some pride, gotta let it out.
(chocolates ... they had a short life)

Of course, guess who thinks this is all for her.

my sock so far

my sock so far
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Friday, August 12, 2005

Oh the seasons ...

A lot of the knitters on the UFO anonymous ring live down under (in the land of tasty tasty tim tams). The seasons on the southern hemisphere are flipped. I've taught astronomy, I know this, I know why. But it still messes me up when I read blog entries like this ( . It always takes me while to remember my facts. And then I try to imagine winter in august, summer in december, X-mas in the summer, does Santa where the same outfit or does he go for a fur collared Hawaiian shirt... And it's at that point that I have to shut my brain off, for fear of what silly question might come next.

All though, X-mas in a "summer environment" shouldn't be that weird for me. After all, I live in sunny SoCal, we only have 1 season here. Two if you want to be picky, great weather and just plain good weather. We only have 8 days of rain a year, seriously, you can count them. (If you don't believe me, just watch my weather pixie.) So naturally, when X-mas rolls around, the weather here is still summer-like. You look at the fashion, big sweaters, winter pants, hats, scarves which are displayed in the store while you are shopping in shorts and flip flops. All the movies coming out, you can escape to winter wonderland for two hours (litterally, the airconditioning is crazy) and when you come out of the theatre, there is the sun to warm you up again.(Unless you go to the evening showing)
Which makes me wonder, why am I knitting a gazillion (3, plan on 2 more) sweaters and cardigans? Oh yes, so I don't freeze inside the buildings with the airco set to blizzard.
Ah yes, can't wait for a new "season" to start. No wait, scratch that, school starts again in the new "season"...

Not sure why I wrote it, just wanted to get it out. Can't talk about my knitting because I haven't done any. I feel kinda bad. I have that scarf to finish. Two actually. I will get back to it soon. I must. Keep my sanity.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New sock yarn

Hooray! I finally got to pick up my package. It contained some lovely soft sock yarn and needles. I have a pattern all ready for it. It will be my first attempt at socks. I'm excited. There was also some German chocolate. And smart me left them in the car all day. They are now regaining their original texture in the fridge, and then ... It's chocolate, I'm sure you know its fate.
(Pictures will be posted soon, need to set up the computer)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

little light at the end of the tunnel

Yeah! I got out early today. So I can go to the leasing office when I get home and pick up my package. So happy. Of course, will I be able to share it with you? No. And that has nothing to do with only child syndrome, but my computer is broken (yes, again). So I can't do pictures. But I will dig up a dictionary and use my best english to describe it. (Until I can post pics again).

On the knitting front,... (cricket chirping, tumbleweed blowing by, and a nonchalant whistle in the background). I haven't done much. I worked on the red scarf a little (it now reads "BOO' " I started the T) and a little bit on the lacy bulky scarf. New job, what can I say. Once I figure out what I'm doing there, I can just let the computer run the program. And guess what I'll be doing while the computer is working, hehe...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Stupid leasing office

I was sooo happy, I got a note in the mailbox, saying I got my package that Lynette sent me. I got that message Sunday evening, so of course the office was closed. And during the week, I leave before the office opens and get back after it closes, so I asked my roommate to pick it up. Now, those stupid f***ers, I think they have to take an IQ test and if they fail, they get to take another test to make sure they truly are incompetant and anal.
Here's the deal, my roommate had to go down to sign the new lease. I had done it on Friday, so my name was already on there. It was pretty clear that we are roommates. They would not give her the package, because she was not me. IDIOTS!!!

Well, and last weekend, are team did not win the mermaid. Sigh. But this weekend, our team came in 2nd. Not too bad, we got a big trophy and t-shirts. You would think the organizers stopped 2 seconds to think "hey these shirts are gonna be for the girls, lets not make them all XL, but lets put in a few smaller sizes". Yeah, you would think, but they do not think. All of them XL.
I'm not trying to complain. It is Monday, I'm hungry, I got some more painfull fingers from playing volleyball ( I hate that game) and I'm tired. I just need to vent.

No worries, soon I will be back to my happy self. My friend Iain is coming to visit for a week. And I get to show off the finished blanket. Just thinking about that, feeling better already.
Oh yes, and very funny, found out a girl at my work is also a knitter. Good times.
Ok, I'm out, I think dinner is almost ready...