Friday, September 12, 2008

Epiphany or insanity

Yep, that is what I went through today. After talking to Michelle I got all excited about knitting again. So I went and organized my yarn. Look at my before: Not that bad, but I need more room. And I have so much crap in my room, I can use one of the bins.
This is where the insanity starts. But if I keep going ... glorious! I dumped out all my yarn and put it in a space bag. But not before taking pictures. So I can kinda keep track of what I have on ravelry. I will spare you the 53 pics I took and instead jump forward in time to show you this: Which after sucking the air out got just a little bit smaller and made me super happy.
I felt so much better. I freed up one of the tubs and it is full of crap again. But that crap is now no longer in my room. And that makes me happy. So to celebrate, I decided to finish off Tessa's baby sweater, which now no longer fits her... And I am not done yet. I did all the knitting and now I need to weave in ends, maybe crochet a little border around the neck. But I can't find my hooks nor my needles. So I might need to do a little more organizing, but I will now officially classify this project as 95% done. More reason for me to be happy. A while ago, I make a spreadsheet, according to that one, I have 19 projects going. Pretty happy to be able to narrow it down to 18 ... soon, I hope :)

But something that will happen soon. Pics from my trip to Belgium.
Oh, and did I mention, I also emptied the dvr. I can now return it to charter so they can give me a working HD dvr. Such a good day.