Sunday, May 07, 2006

My tag

I know, I know, Iv'e been very bad at blogging lately. But then I got tagged, I figure it's a good way to make a little come back. So here goes.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. More traveling, to all over the world.
2. learn more languages (help me out with number 1)
3. in general, i hope i never stop learning new stuff
4. i need to finish up my million UFOs.
5. fly in a helicopter (if i could fly it myself, that would be super cool)
Hmm, I am so bad at planning, can't come up with 2 more things I really want to do before I die. Well, I do know several things like get married, have kid, ... stuff like that. But I just don't feel like putting it on the list, saving those spots for more adventurous things. (Don't get me wrong, marriage, kid = very adventurous, but I would like to put things on the list that I will actually do one day, 'cause at my rate,... Wait, then I should probably take number 4 of the list too.)

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. draw, I mess up stick figures
2. touch my toes (I'm talking in a strecth keep you legs straight kinda way)
3. pay attention for long amounts of time
4. drop kicks
5. stay away from chocolate
6. get up in the morning
7. from the looks of it, I can't seem to clean up my room.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man (I don't have one, but I know several qualities he needs to have):
1. gotta be able to watch lots of sci-fi channel
2. he better be good at cleaning because I'm not
3. he needs to look past my grumpy morning moods
4. cook, oh yeah, he better know his way around the kitchen.
5. sense of humor
6. be able to cheer me up
7. live in or near the same town (very important for me and it I keep messing up on this part. I met a guy, really great. Got most of the points on my list, he doesn't like sci fi all that much, but I can live with that. He also lives in Holland and that makes it a little bit harder.)

Seven Books I Love:
Most of the books I read are in Dutch, and I won't even bother you with the names. But I like the writer Jef Geraerts. He writes murder mysteries and one of the main characters in his stories lives in my home town. Can't help but love it.
And my other favorite books are the Shopaholic series. Hilarious.

Seven Things I Say:
1. Toodles
2. Sweet (in a Cartman kinda way)
3. 42! (Hey, it's THE answer to the ultimate question)
4. bring me a cookie
5. please bring me a cookie
6. 42 (yeah, I say it a lot, I'm a geek)
7. OPHIE!!! (she can be bad at times)

Seven Movies I've Loved
1. Full Monty
2. Didier (French movie, hilarious)
3. Taxi (orginal, another French movie)
4. Shawshank redemption
5. Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2, 3 not so much
6. Never ending story (it was on today, i still love it)
7. Blues brothers
(Basically any of these movies come on tv, I get sucked in.)

And before I go, my parents are coming to town. So i am hiding most of my yarn. going through the stash, I just realized how much crap i have. maybe after my parents leave, i might take a picture if i dare...