Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Spirit

Last Friday, as I was sitting on the couch, in full self pity mode (a cold will do that to me), I decided I needed to get a Christmas tree. So, I got my butt off the couch, went to Target and got me a tree and decorated it. It cheered me right up, made the appartment so much cozier. I never really go all out on decorations, just too darn lazy and I know they would be up 'til June. So one little tree, just enough to put me in that Christmas Spirit.

While Ophie has none, well, let me phrase that better : she won't be appearing anywhere with bells on. I tried to put some on her collar and get her to sit all cute and sweet next to the tree (bush). No such luck. She was off moping all over the place. But I did get a cute little pic where it looks like she is decorating (or distroying) the bush. Yeah, put a little moussie in there and she can't keep her paws off it. Ha. ( I keep refering to it as a bush, because my "tree" is 6 inches tall, but I love it.)

I know, I know, it's another Ophie filled post. But I've gotten no knitting done. It's just with getting a cold, starting job as substitute teacher (every couple of days) which means I need to get up at 6am and I'm not a morning person which makes me not an evening person either, and many more silly excuses... But, I did finish these two a little while ago. Here's a pic:

An irish hiking scarf in bringt pink and orange. I'm so lucky to have friends that can appreciate the bright colors. And I finally got done adding length to the noro scarf.
Well, I hope I can post about knitting stuff again soon (and not the lack of knitting)...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Common cold sucks!

All I have is a little cold, but I am useless because of it. It sucks! I hate it. I'm just laying on the couch. Don't even want to get up or move to get food. And this appartment being so cold doesn't help. I hate this. But I do like the whole being wrapped up in my blanket. That is kinda nice and cozy and comfy. Ophie agrees, she is in here somewhere too.
I haven't even been motivated to knit... and I'm very close to finishing my mom's present. It's a skinny scarf so it goes superfast. Think that would motivate me, but nope.

Well, I leave you with Ophie, because I have no new projects or progress to show you.
This is Ophie looking at a picture of herself, when she was still a little kitten.
And I put some purple gelcaps on her nails. A few of them already came off, and I'll get around to replacing them this weekend maybe. But doesn't she look good with purple nails. I know she like purple. I think it looks good against the white. She's got taste.