Monday, August 01, 2005

Stupid leasing office

I was sooo happy, I got a note in the mailbox, saying I got my package that Lynette sent me. I got that message Sunday evening, so of course the office was closed. And during the week, I leave before the office opens and get back after it closes, so I asked my roommate to pick it up. Now, those stupid f***ers, I think they have to take an IQ test and if they fail, they get to take another test to make sure they truly are incompetant and anal.
Here's the deal, my roommate had to go down to sign the new lease. I had done it on Friday, so my name was already on there. It was pretty clear that we are roommates. They would not give her the package, because she was not me. IDIOTS!!!

Well, and last weekend, are team did not win the mermaid. Sigh. But this weekend, our team came in 2nd. Not too bad, we got a big trophy and t-shirts. You would think the organizers stopped 2 seconds to think "hey these shirts are gonna be for the girls, lets not make them all XL, but lets put in a few smaller sizes". Yeah, you would think, but they do not think. All of them XL.
I'm not trying to complain. It is Monday, I'm hungry, I got some more painfull fingers from playing volleyball ( I hate that game) and I'm tired. I just need to vent.

No worries, soon I will be back to my happy self. My friend Iain is coming to visit for a week. And I get to show off the finished blanket. Just thinking about that, feeling better already.
Oh yes, and very funny, found out a girl at my work is also a knitter. Good times.
Ok, I'm out, I think dinner is almost ready...


At 8:42 AM , Blogger fickleknitter said...

So did you ever get your package??
Good job on the 2nd place win, can we have a pic of Ophie posing for us with it? ; ) There's a thing called "T-Shirt Surgery," maybe you can use it to cut the tee down. Take pics of the blanket before you send it away with Ian! Have a good week!


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