Friday, July 15, 2005

Lacy day

I could not help myself yesterday. I just had to cast on. The mulit colored one will be a scarf. It is a lace pattern with chunky yarn on size 11 needles. That is to keep me sane, when the corset drives me nuts. Yes the pattern for the corset scared me a bit at first, but now that I started it, I love it. It goes pretty quick. And I had a few encouraging words from another knitter who just started the corset.Posted by Picasa

And in case you were ever wondering how to give a thank you speech for your employees, thank them for all the work they've done, how you could not have gotten the business to where it is without them, but still want to make it all about you, watch the last 10 minutes of Blow Out on Bravo. The man can out-diva and out-dramaqueen the best of them. Very entertaining. I know Michelle has been anxious to more trash tv. Her addiction is Being Bobby Brown, and I gotta admit, watching Whitney Houston and Whitney Houston's husband sing (sometime they make up songs) and dance while they: go shopping, try on sunglasses, eat, barbeque, ride the elevator... It is a very entertaining way to kill a few brain cells. Ah yes, trash on the boob tube, gotta love it.


At 11:37 PM , Blogger lyssa said...

I'm very interested in the corset project...that one is on my cosmic to-do list.

At 6:44 AM , Blogger JoanM said...

I love the blue wool for your corset. I have seen a few knitters embark on this project. Happy knitting

At 3:55 PM , Blogger Micky said...

See I told you you could do it. I knew exactly what it was before I read your post. It's looking very pretty. Can't wait to see how your progress goes.
And thanks for the link! Made my day!

At 7:13 PM , Blogger Lynette said...

Corset? Now that is intriguing. Hey, before I send you something, could you tell me what your last name is? Just email me at

At 12:23 PM , Blogger Elspeth said...

I feel that way too, since my corset is taking so long I want to cast on for something else. Not to mention I still have 2 minisweaters, a baby blanket and a tie already on the needles ready to work on!


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