Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Working makes you tired ...

Phew, today was the second day of my fellowship. I've really gotten used to the student schedule where nothing starts before 11am. I'm pretty lucky in that they are not too strict as to when I show up. But I have rugby practice in the evenings. Showing up late, leaving early, I haven't asked yet but I don't think they would be too impressed. So I opt for getting there early. It also works out with traffic, I get to leave before morning rush hour. And for those that know, Southern California rush hour ... well, just hope you never get stuck in that parking lot called the 405 (freeway or 710, 55, 5, ...).
I really like the job. People are very nice. I know I'm gonna learn a lot and if all goes well, I'll even get a thesis out of it.
Right now, it is 9pm and almost bedtime. I'm too tired to watch my prime time tv shows. Needless to say there really is no update on my knitting.


At 9:04 AM , Blogger Micky said...

Hey. Thanks for dropping by my place. I have added your link to my blog. I did a few days ago, but just haven't told you yet. It sometimes takes me a while to get these little updates done.
And yes Hobby Lobby was great. Can't wait till I can go again.

At 9:59 AM , Blogger Lynette said...

Finally got you listed on bloglines so I can keep up! Unfortunately, I have been stuck in the 405 parking lot. Crazy. Make sure knitting is handy.

At 11:55 PM , Blogger Sharon said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog I have added your blog to my faves.


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