Friday, April 21, 2006

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And here is a close up of the new jerseys. I love them. Mainly because our old ones where kinda ... not pretty.

Before I sign off, a little bit of knitting progress news. Oh yes, I haven't been blogging much, but I have done some knitting. For example, I finished one of the baby blankets (the round one) and I finished a sock (not the pair, just 1 sock). Also, I cast one for a lace shawl and I have adapted a new philosophy: so I'm not allowed to buy yarn until I make somewhat of a dent in my stash. What better way to do that then to finish project. And the more projects I finish, the more my stash goes down, the more yarn I can buy to replace it. So, in order to finsh more projects, I need to cast on for more projects.
Bottomline, I need to go on a casting on binge so I can go on a yarn buying binge.
(And somewhere there was something about finishing, but that is already getting fuzzy in my brain)


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