Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stupid flickr

I'm back at Kitt Peak Observatory. Which means, plenty of time to post on my blog, but too tired to have it make sense. Especially because it is a short run, so I won't really adjust to the 4pm-5am work schedule. And my plan has been foiled by flicker not wanting to post my pictures.
I mentioned before that I went to Hawaii for a job interview, had very little time for sight seeing so I made the best of it. And to document it, I went through the trouble of looking very silly and having my socks pose in several picture. (It looked silly, because I was still wearing them. I got to practice my balance, though.) But I guess I can't show anyone right now, because flickr aparently thought my idea was stupid and refuses to show the pics.

Well, as for my interview, it went ok. But I don't think I want to live there. It is a gorgeous place to visit, but the big island is a very boring place after a few days. I've come to realize that I need big freeways and buildings and shopping malls (preferably discount). I need infrastructure. Or I need to be -at the most- a 1-hour drive away from it.
And on my way back to LA, my fligth got cancelled. They mention this to us after having us sit on the plane for 3 hours, making us watch stupid movie (Failure to launch, it was so bad) and of course, not feeding us. So because this was the last flight out, they had to put us up in hotels. And there were all these positive people around me, saying stuff like "better this then crashing". (we had mechanical issues) The rational side of me would have agreed with this philosophy, but I had no rational side. There was only my kranky, hungry, tired b*tch side that wanted to smack the positive people. However, this changed when I walked into my hotel room at the Hilton Hawaiian Beach Resort and Spa and looked out my window and saw the beautiful blue ocean. (mind you, it is 3am but the colors still looked gorgeous to me) Flat screen tv, huge size super comfy bed, ...this was indeed better than crashing. Oh yeah, I had no luggage, didn't care anymore.
At first they wanted to fly me back to LA at 7am, fat chance. I changed to 3pm and enjoyed my free (normally $329 a night) room, took advantage of my $7 discount off my way more expensive breakfast buffet and walked along the beach, put my toes in the warm, beautiful blue water.
Mind you, this was all in Honolulu in a place I could never afford, this is not where my interview was, different islands. But it did make me think about selling my soul and just making an insane amount of money with a heartless coperation, putting more effort into winning the lottery or finding myself a sugar daddy. Either way, I want to go back to room R1805. I want to go back there.

Enough rambeling. Must go look at stars again.


At 11:00 AM , Blogger lyssa said...

Same thing happened to me last time I was there (though it was our morning flight that was cancelled, so we got to sit in the airport for many hours with no posh hotel).

I spent a week on the big island and it was gorgeous, but I was kinda bored by the end and ready to come home.

At 8:59 AM , Blogger Elspeth said...

I'm so jealous! We're lucky we got back to NY and MD fine with no delays.


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