Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cause or effect

So I am a single woman of 28 and yesterday, while lying in bed, I was wondering if there would even be room for somebody else in the bed. (Plenty of room for people in my life, I know that one.) Then I rolled over and next to me, underneath the covers is a huge ball yarn, 853 yards to be exact. It takes up a lot of space. And yes, I sleep with it, it is soooo fluffy. Soon it will be a sweater and it can go in the closet, but until that time ... On my other side is the tv-remote. Very important gadget, cannot put that anywhere else, I need to have instant acces. I mean, what if an infomercial comes on and I start to get intregued, I won't be able to fall asleep.
So those are 2 spots, that cannot be taken up by another person. To top it all off, Ophelia (the kitty) jumps on the bed and takes up her spot. She is very fussy and she will lay down where she wants to. I can't stand up to her and I'll kick out anyone who does.
Yep yep, I am still single, are these things cause or effect?


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