Friday, April 29, 2005

Recipe time

It has been a while since I put up a recipe, so here is one.
Got a tasty recipe for a cobble, but if you are on a diet, forget about this one.
Ingredients: 1 stick of butter
1 cup of flower
3/4 cup of sugar (should be brown but I use white)
about a cup of milk.
whatever fruit you want, however much you want
cut up the fruit, pour over the batter and stick in the oven at 350 degrees (is there any other temperature) for 45 minutes,or until it is done,just keep looking.

You don't have to be strict on the ingredients. I know I'm not. And last time, I added one egg to the mix. This made the batter a bit more cake like. I put a mix of pears, apples, ras- and black berries. Tasty, even my non-sweet liking roommate liked it.


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